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About Us


My Story

If you have a life as busy as mine, with four boys that all play sports – doing laundry has always been a task that took up too much of our family time. 

So why not come up with a stress-free – hassle-free delivery service for all your dry-cleaning & laundry needs?  A service at a click of a button that will have clean clothes at your doorstep.

Our mission is to help you get back the time lost doing long hours of laundry and get back to enjoying and doing the things you love most. 

It is our goal to provide all our customers with an enjoyable stress-free experience. Pure’s motto is “We are here to serve you and your laundry!” Guaranteeing you the most professional laundry and customer experience around. 

My Why

Creating Pure took me back to home when I was just a little girl helping my grandmother and mother provide the community with the convenience of not having to worry about cleaning their house or doing laundry – giving families quality time – Doing this in their memory hoping to give back to my community a piece of mind knowing not only are they getting convenience but the utmost care provided for their laundry and dry-cleaning.

"Putting a smile on someone’s face because Pure provided them the opportunity to get back to doing life!”

J’Shawna Smith, Founder &CEO

Image by Alexandra Gorn
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